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Safe, Same Day Grocery Delivery During COVID-19

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Safe, No Contact Home Delivery

Enabling grocery stores to build a community

  • Advertise to your customers on ShipsX for free
  • Access a pool of drivers to deliver groceries at your customer's doorstep
  • Engage better with your Customers & Drivers
  • Grow business through new delivery platform
  • Serve better through new delivery platform and delight customers
  • In-app texting
  • Real-time, Geo Location Tracking of packages

Delivering groceries on ShipsX from major stores saves lives!

  • Help people stay at home by delivering their groceries
  • One can deliver groceries to 10-15 household
  • Fewer at the store #slowthespread
  • Connect transparently with stores
  • Opportunity to work safely during slowdown
  • Each grocery run saves lives
  • Help create delivery jobs
  • Thousands of happy members
  • 26,000+ Grocery Store Communities
  • Join this growing community

How It Works

ShipsX is an open delivery exchange to help store communities delivery goods and services fast while providing jobs. As a driver, you make all the money other than a small 25 cent transaction fee. Simply create an account on ShipsX or SeatsX, set up payment and banking instructions, then participate. We are better together!

Bid on multiple loads as a store, advertise to your driver community while building a social network around your store. Sell loads in your car, van or bus to help the elderly and vulnerable while earning money.

About us

While we have diverse experiences and backgrounds, and were borne while we were teaching an entrepreneurship seminar in Mali, Africa to 50 promising men and women.

One member of the seminar said his dream would be to start a meat processing plant in Mali, but no bank would lend him money because there was no commodity market for meat in Mali and therefore no way to lock in the price for the product. We agreed with his conclusion that a bank should not lend him money as there was too much risk. From there we built the first multi-purpose online commodity exchange for emerging markets.

Using our core exchange technology, we decided to not only help the farmers and hotels in Africa, but every person on the planet with a commodity market for transportation seats.

During these days an exchange may be the safest way to have groceries delivered online to #SlowTheSpread.

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"It is truly encouraing to be able to help the vulnerable and elderly with grocery deliveries and be able to make some cash during this pandemic slowdown. ShipsX made that possible with an innovative vision."

Olumide Akinlolu

"My online sales are exploding. ShipsX lets me focus on my customers and I can count on them to deliver to delight our customers."

-Subhlaxmi Store - Mr. Patel - Owner

"Making money while helping the Elderly - Sign me up."


"Safety Saves - From Grocery store manager heros to customer heros to driver heros. They all do their part to make this work."